MORSTICE (UK) CD under CoD Recs.
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 15:52

news 02MORSTICE "Deathography" 1992 – 1995" : 3 Demos in a CD Compilation of this English Death Metal band unknown to many!. Three jewels that were forgotten originally published in tape format that were exhumed by our hands to unleash upon you!

Demo I: "As My Suffering Grows" 1993

Demo II: "Reflections Remain" 1993

Demo III: "Invoking The Storms" 1995



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Compilation of Death zine #1 (SOLD OUT)
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 07:38

releases_01The first issue of Compilation of Death 'zine! 100 pages saturated of Death and Deathrash metal only for the most insane devourers of Underground metal. This first issue puts your eyes in front of old and new interviews that have documented the metal history. Interviews with: Funebrarum.Anima Damnata, Dead Congregation,Pek, Sanguis Imperen, Ignivomous, Demise (USA), Morgue (USA), Crypt of Kerberos, Frank Stover & Voices from the Dark Side 'zine, Nicola Constantini & Encyclopedia of Svensk Dods metal, etc, etc.


Exhumations from old and classic 'zines like: Slayer Mag, Puterfaction, Thanatography, Suppuration, Spikehead, Disincarnate, Mega Mag, Decibels Storm, Mould, Voices from the Darkside, Metallic Butcher, etc







Compilation of Death zine #2 (SOLD OUT!)
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 07:38



Over 225 pages with extensive and in depth interviews, made by fans for fans. In this issue you'll find: IMMOLATION Poster (original line up) 60 x 45 cm, glossy cover. old interviews with: SEPTICEMIA, THERION (HAMMER OF DAMNATION'ZINE), PESTILENCE (BLACKTHORN Nº5), MORTA SKULD (MUTILATED 'ZINE ... Nº2), AUTOPSY (METAL MELTDOWN Nº9), CADAVER, BOLT THROWER (SADISTIC NOISE'ZINE Nº2), HADES, MESTEMA (UNDER METAL Nº1), etc, etc...



New interviews: Extensive IMMOLATION Special with old and in depth new interview, New in depth interview with PUTREFEST/ TIRANT SIN/LEVIATHAN/MAYHEMESIS/CARNAL DISSECTION, The total cult band MALFEITOR from Usa, in depth interview with Mr. Perra Karlsson from ALTAR/SUFFER/NOMINON, etc. PUTRID (Swe), interview with GOREAPHOBIA, Kyle Severn & INCANTATION, in depth interview with MERCILESS DEATH (Pol), in depth interviewAlan Moses y BUTTFACE'zine/Glorious Time Book, NECROS CHRISTOS, AFFLICTION GATES, MACHETAZO, ENCOFFINATION, VERMINOUS, AFTER DEATH, UNDERGANG, THRONEUM, STENCH OF DECAY, Full and depth Spain Death Metal scene report, review section, old pictures, old and new flyers,etc, etc !!