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1To be honest, I never thought that making a special about Sadistic Intent would be so cumbersome and that it would take so long…. It’s been actually quite strange the fact that even close friends or former members have been so difficult to decide and participate in this special with just a few comments, in some cases taking really long to write something.

But hey, we’re talking about a wonderful band that apparently has the “slow motion” syndrome” and this has spread even to their closest friends. Some may even say that this was the syndrome of many bands that come from LA California, lol... Well, besides the amount of time that took us to make this special, we must say we are really pleased by being able to have another of our favorite bands in our pages, as to do a special with Sadistic Intent felt almost as an obligation; all the Compilation Of Death staff just loves every riff that the band has been able to create and we are sure that many of you who read our fanzine, have the same respect for the band as we have. Ok! I think I’ll end my words here, I can only thank the Cortez brothers for taking the time for this interview, to all those who participated with their comments and you, the reading maniacs interested in what the band had to say in this special. And while we’re at it, we can already say that if you are also enjoying the mighty BOLT THROWER, then prepare your eyes and your mind for our next issue, because we’re trying our best to have them “in deep” among these pages...  (The Exhumator)


Interview With Christophe Szpajdel
Friday, 20 July 2012 09:45


Interview with Christophe Szpajdel (Graphical Artist & Septicore zine Editor) SPANISH
May 2011

He drawing the logo of: Desaster, Emperor,Corpus Christi, Enthroned, Impiety, Old Man`s Child, Vomitory, Covenant, Disembodied, Disgrace (fin),Golem, Graveland, Mortal Mutilation, Prostitute Disfigurement, Dead Conspiracy and many others.

IMMOLATION INTERVIEW!!! Bob Vigna part 2 (by Joseph Curwen)
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 16:18

bob21- JC: Hi Bob!! Well, first of all I must express all the complimentary words that correspond in an interview with a Death Metal Beast of this caliber: Welcome to "Compilation of Death" it is an honor for us! You should know that this interview is within the context of a special edition as a tribute to IMMOLATION.
We have reviewed old and new material especially, to have available again the history of the band, for some fans will be good memories, but I assure you that for a vast majority the information is unknown. Well less formality and let’s open the inquisition session. Tell us where IMMOLATION is at this very moment? How’s the promotion of Majesty and Decay going? How was the feedback from the fanatics?

Bob Vigna: Hey Joseph, thanks a lot for your cool comments. We definitely appreciate your strong support and that of the fans over all these years!!!  Right now we are doing pretty well, just did some heavy touring at the end of last year. We had a US tour with Vader in September / October and then we were in Europe with NAPALM DEATH in November / December. Both went really well, especially Europe, was a phenomenal tour!  We have a fest in California coming up with MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY and others…and we are working on other stuff for the summer, etc.  So we’ve been pretty busy. Nuclear Blast has been doing a great job promoting the record and the fans as well as the media seem to really love ‘Majesty and Decay’! 
The feedback has been amazing!  After making this music for over 20 years it’s a great feeling to release one of our strongest and best produced albums yet!!  We are very happy with ‘Majesty and Decay’ and we look forward to more touring to push it!



IMMOLATION INTERVIEW!!! Ross Doland part 1 (by The Exhumator)
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 09:01

Immolation1988IMMOLATION is a band that needs no introduction when being featured in an interview, so I'll tell you about this special and what we mean with it. We've decided to start with IMMOLATION just because is one of our favorite Death Metal bands, and for whom really isn't? IMMOLATION is one of the bigger bands in the genre and have delighted us with many great records through all these years. It's been a while since the band formed and so many interviews have been captured in some fanzines, so many memories of friends and acquaintances, in fact, each one of us have different memories, different stories about how we got to know the band and the meaning of their music in our lives... Anyway, so many things could be said, remembered and shown about the bands and music we like that we have decided to make specials like this. In our next issue, we plan to do the same with SADISTIC INTENT and further on with MORBID ANGEL, MORTEM, INCANTATION (you'll be able to see a good chat with the latter in this issue, too), etc...


I must say that I've invited many guys who've had some kind of relation with the band, sadly, I haven't got answers from everyone or there were some I've liked to include, but were impossible to reach. We, as a publication (and fans) must thank to the band for their disposition to answer our interviews and to every one who gave us their opinion or sent us pics, interviews or gave us some hints to reach the guys... I must also say that thanks to this special I was able to meet the band and saw them on stage for the first time this 15 November of 2010 in Madrid, along with MACABRE and NAPALM DEATH and it's almost impossible for me to express what this concert meant to me, specially a day after my birthday or because Ross Doland pointed at me with his finger and dedicated me the track "Immolation". I was in shock and injured my neck... I don't mean to sound like a crazy groupie meeting a band she likes, ha ha... No, no... This is just a story of what has happened during the making of this special. Now I'll have a bigger memory to talk about and tell everyone. That is part of what we mean and want to aleeve with this kind of specials...So, I give you IMMOLATION! 


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