A New Member: Justin Stubbs
Sunday, 07 May 2017 15:41

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Compilation of Death 'Zine welcomes Justin Stubbs from USA ( ENCOFFINATION, FATHER BEFOULED, etc). Justin will be a new member of our staff of writers and also responsible for the design of coming numbers of Compilation of Death. 

Justin Stubbs has-been designing record sleeves and materials since forming in 1997. His first band Rather than trying to force his vision into someone else's mind, I took it upon himself to learn what needed to be done to Achieve the darkness his releases deserved.

This constant need for creativity fully materialized in the middle 2000s When I branched out and started designing for other bands. Completely self taught, Justin likes to stray outside the usual boundaries of conventional design, doing what needs to be done to make the design what it needs to be. Primarily versed in typography and the dynamics of the text vs. artwork, and the use of negative and white space, Justin enjoys putting His Own Spin on what we wants. Justin enjoys making the beautiful ugly and the chaotic serene. 


We invite you to visit their website: 



You are welcomed and Received into the dead arms of COMPILATION OF DEATH' ZINE!!!!! \m/ \m/