New Members: Joe Pupo & Steven Willems
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 16:55

We are proud to formally introduce to you two new members to our staff of writers. Both are seasoned metalheads and former editors of fanzines; we are sure they are an excellent new contribution to the pages of our publication, delivering killer interviews and versatility / freshness in our new content.
Welcome to the Mr. Joe Pupo (former editor of fanzine RAGE OF VIOLENCE) from USA and Mr. Steven Willems (Ex SLEEPLESS'zine editor, Rock Tribune Magazine and a member of staff writers of web zine VOICES FROM THE DARK SIDE) from Belgium. Both are welcomed and received into the dead arms of COMPILATION OF DEATH ZINE'Zine

new members

Mike Reseigh from DEATH THREAT (USA)
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 15:56

Issue N°3
Monday, 07 July 2014 10:05

Attention! Compilation of Death issue three !!!!

Saturday, 28 December 2013 11:55


eurotour2014It is with great pride that the agency Roadmaster Booking announces the European tour of one of the greatest representatives of the Chilean underground Death Metal scene, the UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN. The tour will be in September 2014 and will also feature ZOMBIEFICATION (Mexico) and INCARCERATION (Brazil/Germany).

"Unaussprechlichen Kulten is a band that belongs to the deep South American underground scene. This tour gives us the opportunity to spread our plague over the "First World", we hope to poison many souls! Roadmaster Booking trusted us, now it’s our turn to respond decisively and professionally. We felt very comfortable to share this tour with Incarceration and Zombiefication, both bands are like us and belong to the same undeground circuit: Metal without compromise, just passion and devotion for death! Bangers can expect a tireless and energetic show, each ritual performance for Europe will be held in a deep trance and spiritual exacerbation, we will invoke the "Old Ones" with the most rotten and dissonant Death Metal that our capabilities allow us, everything will be blasphemy, aggression and devotion" says the guitarist and vocalist Joseph Curwen.

Roadmaster Booking website

U. Kulten Profile

U. Kulten Facebook

Zombiefication (Mexico) Facebook

Zombiefication (Mexico) Bandcamp

Incarceration (Brazil/Germany) WebSite

Incarceration (Brazil/Germany) Facebook


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